Review: AIAIAI – TMA-1 x Carhartt Headphones

We were so excited to hear that the team at the Danish headphone manufacturers AIAIAI were bringing out a special pair of their stand out TMA-1 headphones in collaboration with clothing label Carhartt. Well we’re very happy to say that they are now out in the wild and retailing for 200 Euros directly from their website.

The original TMA-1s have been cleaning up in the DJ headphone market ever since they were revealed back in 2010 with their non-showy stylings, highly thought out design features and fantastic sound quality.

The new AIAIAI x Carhartt colab seems like a perfect match in my mind. The two brands have a similar understated aesthetic were the quality & design of the pieces they produce do all the talking. In line with Carhartt’s take on modern, heritage-influenced streetwear, the new headphones have been given a trademark urban military overhaul that stays true to the original framework of the AIAIAI universe while switching the looks and colours in a unflinching and quietly confident colourway.

The overall finish of the headphones has been given a matt gun metal grey finish while the wiring and cables have been switched out for a subtle army green. The headphones also come with a custom Carhartt x AIAIAI heavy duty olive green canvas carrying case. The end result is that they look and feel awesome without being in your face.

So lets get swiftly onto the sound quality shall we? I popped these on and used the new Dusky remix of Justin Martin’s Don’t Go as my initial testing track. The skippy garage hihats filled the cups with a nice crispness as I waited for the sum of parts to build into that huge drop which will be slaying dancefloors the world over. When that huge whomping bassline came in I couldn’t help but offer out a huge ‘WOAH!’ to the otherwise silent office. Heads were turned, tuts were given back and eye brows were raised but I didn’t care as I’d just discovered the best sounding pair of headphones I’d heard so far in my short life. The range of sound and the way that all the sections stand out is just awesome on the TMA-1s. Continue reading



Today the Pioneer team unveiled the CDJ-2000 Nexus which is their latest model in the prestigious flagship CDJ series.

The player might look exactly like the previous 2000s and in many ways they keep the same layout but the techies have crammed in lots and lots of new technology which we’re going to run through now…

Now the most debated aspect throughout today’s launch has been the new Quantize function that will help to keep everything in perfect time as dedicated controls for Master and Sync will ensure there’s no clunky beat clashes going on.

Let us know what you think of this new feature and whether the art of DJing is slowly being taken over by ‘better’ computers or if you think this will only help people to get even more creative with their sets?!

Next up mixing in key is also now better than ever with the Nexus as those trusty techies have come up with a traffic light colour coding system that allows DJ’s to see which should combine well audibly.

There’s now even more ways to feed your music into the Pioneer beasts. You can now take your pick from the usual CDs, USB or now even Wi-Fi and iPhones/smartphones thanks to a new app!
I expect this last part will lead to a steep rise in alcohol related violence in clubs as the rate of cunts asking jocks to play the new Rihanna increases in tandem.

There’s also extra little touches like an informative, pinsharp display, and better looping and a whole host of other things you’re going to have to go and check out the Pioneer news piece to get the full low down.

The CDJ-2000 Nexus will be available from late September 2012, at an SRP of £1,599.

Watch bad man Eats Everything give you a little demo to the new Nexus CDJs…

Review: Urbanears Zinken DJ Headphones

Urbanears Zinken Tomato

Urbanears have brought out a brand new range of headphones aimed at the casual DJ market. As with all Urbanears headphones they come in a dizzying array of colours to mix and match with whatever fashion statement you feel like making that day.
They are retailing for £120 and available direct from the Urbanears website.

Now the first thing you notice when you get the headphones through is the immaculate design aesthetics the company have gone for. Every component has been thought about long and hard. Even the packaging has been designed to fill you with awe and amasement. If you know that feeling of opening a brand new Apple product its very much the same vibes here… This is no ordinary box, its a cardboard display unit to stun the buyer with what they have purchased and no doubt take a photo of it being opened to boast about having just bought them…
(Guilty!… see below…)

Clearly design runs through the whole project and they do look and feel amazing. They have a tactile matt finish. The cushioned foam pads make them soooo comfortable to wear and they are made from non absorbent materials that will hopefully keep your DJ stench out of them for as long as possible. There’s a little microphone and button to press for answering calls on smart phones. There’s even a spare headphone socket for a mate to plug into to listen to your obviously amazing tracks in tandem. Continue reading