The Sunday Chill : Tyson Ballard’s CONSTRUCT MIX TEN

Start your sunny Sunday with Voyeur Rhythm‘s Tyson Ballard who’s just finished his mix for the tenth instalment in Construct‘s series of DJ mixes devoted to the world beyond the dancefloor. Vibes go from experimental electronics and dark ambient to psychedelic pop and blissed-out indie, the direction of each mix is completely of the artist’s choosing.

Check out the amazing backstory to the mix from Tyson below…

“Since moving to Berlin last year I’ve been obsessed with the Flea Markets, they are goldmines for all kinds of gems. The tunes in this mix are all a result of the last 12 months digging. Mixed on a cold Friday night with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir.

The mix tells the story of John Wintergreen a motorcycle cop who patrols the highways in rural Arizona with his partner Zipper. Wintergreen has aspirations to be transferred to homicide and when Crazy Willie tells him of an apparent suicide he get’s his chance. This chance is short lived as Wintergreen falls off the rails trying to solve the murder.”

Francis Monkman – Getting Ready
Paul Hart – Prospect
ELO – Another heat Breaks
Andre Popp – Ophelia
Francesco De Masi – New York One More Day
Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Mood
Frank Ricotti – Vibes
Milan Bilinksi – Pills
Edgar Frosse – Specific Gravity of Smile
Milan Pilar – Gliding Seagul
Pyrolators Traumland – The Trophotical House
Edgar Frosse – Pinnacles

Vermont – Vermont

When we found out who was behind the new Vermont alias we got very interested indeed… The Vermont name is a collaboration project between Danilo Plessow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble and InnervisionsMarcus Worgull and has already grabbed lots of hype around the forthcoming self titled album.

In a move away from the more club focused sound that these two push successfully in their own rights the Vermont alias is a step towards the more downtempo and atmospheric end of the electronic spectrum. The Vermont album portrays a really mature and rich sound for what is their first collaborative project and it came from a series of loose jam sessions that were eventually solidified into fourteen dreamy soundscapes perfect for chilling out.

You can get a taster for what will be on the Vermont album, released on the 17th March by super Germans Kompakt, below.

Full tracklist for Vermont:

The Sunday Chill: Phaeleh – Slumber Session

Hows the head? Hurting much? You should probably drink more water before passing out in future. Anyways… here’s some dreamy sounds to help ease you back into the land of the living from Phaeleh. An hour long mix of super deep and ambient sounds that will sooth that dehydrated brain of yours.

“This Slumber Session mix gave me a great opportunity to make a playlist of something I would want to listen to when unwinding, or to just fall asleep to. I wanted it to be able to exist in the background, without focus, whilst at the same time having elements of detail and beauty scattered amongst the layers of sound unravelling as the mix progresses.”

Mega Tracklist:
Phaeleh – Intro
Oneohtrix Point Never – Grief and Repetition
Future Sound of London – Everyone In The World Is Doing Something Without Me
The Flashbulb – My Life Of Loving Ghosts
Victor Gama – Huyra
Global Communication – 4 14
Aphex Twin – Spots
Plaid – Tak3
Four Tet – First Thing
Phaeleh – Untitled
Brian Eno – Stars
Autechre – Notwo
Boards of Canada – Open The Light
Aphex Twin – Z Twig
Brian Eno – 1-1
Leftfield – 21st Century Poem
Steve Reich – Pulses
Paul Giovanni – Willow’s Song
Phaeleh – Untitled
Phaeleh – Tides
Autechre – Caliper Remote
Boards of Canada – In The Annexe
Phaeleh – Ghosts of Memories
Phaeleh – Untitled
Tool – Parabol
Nitin Sawhney – Nothin More
Phaeleh – Untitled
Burial – Night Bus
Autechre – Bronchusevenmx
Aphex Twin – Rhubarb
Global Communication – 9 39
Jeeroj – Ambient Seagull
Autechre – Nine
Global Communicatin – 14 31
Plaid – faceme
Boards of Canada – Beware The Friendly Stranger
Nightmares on Wax – Time (To Listen)
Phaeleh – Untitled
Memotone – The Home We Can’t Go Back To
Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)
Phaeleh – Make You Feel
Philip Glass – Violin Concerto No1 Mvt. 2
Phaeleh – Untitled
Various Production – Deadman
Autechre – Overand
Memotone – Empty Platform
Aphex Twin – Blue Calx