Tiefschwarz ‘Left’ album announced for June 2015

If you can get over the cheesy press shots there’s a pretty good album set to come from Tiefschwarz in June this year. But for now, unfortunately, all you can do is check the teaser video below, I’ve heard the album and it’s pretty good, atmospheric, deep house – what else would you expect from the Berlin based duo. Whats more this is the next release on Watergate Records, an offshoot of the famous club, further staking it’s claim away from a (bloody good) compilation only label to releasing original music.

There’s a track called ‘Dings’ which is my personal favourite.

Ruede Hagelstein – Soul Dynamic (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Watergate Records team are hyping up their latest release from Ruede Hagelstein with this hypnotic techno stomper thats up for free download.
The full SOUL DYNAMIC EP will come with remixes from Kenny Larkin, Fur Coat & Douglas Greed and hits the shelves on March 23rd.

Ruede Hagelstein’s album APOPHENIA with features super producers such as C.A.R., PillowTalk, Hollis P. Monore and more will be out on April 6th! But if you wanna grab hold of it first then you can pre-order the album here : water-gate.de

Ruede Hagelstein – Mr. Parrotfish EP


There’s a prime crop of lush deep pumpers coming soon on Watergate Records… The amazing German club has done amazing work so far in A n R and this is another treat for the ears from Ruede Hagelstein and his Mr . Parrotfish EP. Definitely worth checking out!!!
There’s even a lovely Ian Pooley remix too!