Human Drizzle with Wolf Music

Human Drizzle

No idea what to do with yourself on Friday night?

Well let us dig you out of that pickle… (Combining sayings is fun…)
Anyways our long time blogging mates Human Drizzle are throwing another one of their parties and they’ve got down some more of our mates in the form of the hirsute Wolf Music mandem!
The fun doesn’t stop there though as there’s also NVOY, Ban Gomori and Hot Karl providing audible back up.

Here’s some vibes from Wolf Music at Gottwood to butter you up for a trip of Basing House… cause what else are you gonna do really apart from sit in your pants eating pepperamis ’til you pass out in front of the telly?
Tickets on RA now.

(**Whilst we’re talking of Basing House make sure you come catch us playing with Wilson Records boss man Fabio Monesi on the 9th October too… Tickets on RA)

Beats In Space with WOLF MUSIC

Our mates at WOLF Music enjoyed one of those fanboy life goals last night by getting their mix on for the Beats In Space show in NYC with Tim Sweeney.

Lots to get stuck into so just press play below and get those sunshine house vibes going…

No hate voicemail from Victor as yet but hopefully some kind of feedback rant is on the way!