Serpentine Stereo Hifi by Osloform


We were swanning around the TENT London exhibition over the weekend and came across this absolutely beautiful hifi equipment from a design company called Osloform. The Norwegian firm has finished this prototype audio set up called the Serpentine stereo which features a built in phono preamplifier and a pair of 4” full range speakers. We’re absolutely loving the Serpentine’s rich green hues combined with gold speaker grates and volume knob. A beautifully minimal approach to the classic hifi set up.
Fingers crossed they go into production! We recommend bugging them via their Facebook or website to make sure they do!




Pioneer releases Rekordbox DJ software

So here we go, Pioneer have jumped into the crowded world of DJ software. It looks the same, probably works the same & needs similar equipment. But it’s another option for everyone to endlessly argue over.

In this blogger’s opinion it’s mostly down to ease of use, it’s the possibility of plug & play functionality inside the, ‘standard’ Pioneer, booth environment that’s really interesting. That said both Serato and Traktor have an option for this. Perosnally I’m a Serato user, Traktor is too complicated for my liking and looking at the rekordbox dj website I’d say this is the case here too personally – I’ve had to learn how to use usb’s & cdj’s over the last few years as Serato has prooven hard to plug in for using for an hour in a festival setup. I’d say ease of use is going to win the day here, and staying inside one companies ecosystem might make the transition from studio to booth smoother.

Review : Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins - P7 Headphones

We’re slowly working our way through the headphone world sampling some of the best cans out there to try and find that perfect pair. The Bowers & Wilkins team sent their top tier P7 headphones over in a bid to quell our search for audio perfection… we gotta say that we’re pretty happy with what we heard!

Lets chat about the unboxing then quickly… When you lift up the matt black box lid your nostrils are instantly seduced by a rich leather smell similar to what it must be like when you step into that brand new ‘rrari! The headphones are presented to you in a cushioned cradle with the components all snuggly supported but still visible at first glance. The quality and effort in the design of these headphones is recognisable from the offset. The beautifully curved aluminium folding hinges that connect the leather clad cups to the leather headband almost gleam at you in amongst all the black.

Here’s a slowmo, close cropped 360 video that’s probably been designed to make you salivate…


So they look the business thats for sure… (I almost feel like I should be making an effort myself and putting on a suit to listen to these?!) but what do they sound like?

With a large slice of House cued up the first thing that you notice is the amount of space in the sound. The bass drops, percussion and vocal snippets all shine brightly on their own without any interference or muddiness that you get from cheap headphones. Here’s some nerd speak for why that is :

“With most headphones, sound quality is compromised by the way drive units are designed. To save space, the diaphragm must perform the dual role of sound generator and suspension system. But with P7 we have created a headphone driver that works more like the drive unit in a hi-fi speaker, with a diaphragm focussed purely on the job it’s supposed to do: generate sound.

Because these are over ear cups they not only provide noise isolation and comfort, but help to maintain a consistent volume of air between the drive unit and your ears. This means that the stereo imaging is enhanced whilst being optimised for every listener.”

So there you have it! As with all top end headphones there’s a bunch of features that you can expect as standard like a mic and volume controller for your smart phone… interchangeable cables and connectors too plus a plush leather travelling case that’s got cross stitched detailing and magnetic fastening.

Now what’s it going to cost for all this high end quality?

They come in at £329.99 on B&W website.

So that means you’re not going to have these as your travelling headphones or your DJ pair in case you smash them up accidentally. However if you’re desk bound most days at work like me then I would say you should definitely consider these for a luxurious splurge.

You can easily find a way of rationalising it to yourself… here’s some help: They’re comfy, they sound incredible and they’re about as good looking a pair of headphones you’re likely to find out there.

Is our search for the perfect headphones finally over?


AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphones

The new version of the very very good TMA-1’s, amazingly called the TMA-2, has been released. It now comes as a truly modular headphone that can be configured in 360 ways, with various artists & labels doing designs for the various parts. Now thats great but what this actually means is that this product comes built from the ground up to have loads of spare parts always available ready to use. A la Sennheiser’s industry standard HD 25’s that you also can swap all the parts out of but you can NEVER get the parts anywhere and it costs a tenner to get it sent from Iceland or something. Just so long as AIAIAI have their distribution game on tip top form these could well be on the way to be the new default purchase for people who break their headphones a lot… like us deejay’s.

Check out more info on the TMA-2’s here


Introducing the TMA-2 Modular System from AIAIAI on Vimeo.