The Gaslamp Killer has a new Serato pressing out.

It’s a beat record, remember those? You know the ones you used to put rizla through the hole so it fitted nice & snug, you used to keep under the turntable for easy access. Well this blogger does anyway. So this is a 21st Century version with a Serato tone on the other side, it’s a picture disc that will no doubt mess with your eyes if you use it too long but I’d imagine thats the point.

Here’s a little video about the pressing with a bit more detail.

As ever just head over to the Serato shop to grab them when they are released on November 14th.


Ableton 4D Sound

Ableton will be showcasing it’s latest strangely named plugin for everyone who wants to stroke their beards until they fall over at ADE this year. It’s a surround sound rig that probably sounds mental when you’re off your bonce. Max cooper (among others) has been using something pretty similar for a few years and it’ll be cool to see what Martin Stimming can bring to the party. The proof will be in the pudding, but as with light up dancefloors, silent discos, foam &/or pool parties it’s hard to see this being more than a gimmick, probably a cool one worth checking out though.


Pioneer’s DJ devision has been sold

So big news this lunchtime that Pioneer has decided to shift it’s DJ product lines out the door to some private equity firms. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but either way there looks like there’s big changes on the horizon for the hardware & software behemoth that dominates almost every booth in the world. My 2 cents are the players & mixers are great but that rekordbox software is, even after it’s major revamp rather poor when compared with other offerings. Perhaps this is a positioning move to get the brand cosier with someone else? Pure, undirected,  speculation here, but thats what the internet is made for non?


NI Everybody DJ competition #whatwouldyouplay

So who thinks they are a DJ then? Want a free trip to Berlin with ‘Guestlist to the biggest clubs’ (I assume this means no Berghain then). Then enter this competition where all you have to do is make a mix with the Traktor DJ app & upload it to mixcloud with a mobile device tagging it #whatwouldyouplay. It sounds simple, but it gets easier, if you don’t have the app all you need to do is make a Spotify playlist and tag it #whatwouldyouplay when you post it in the facebook comments of the video.

Considering this is a playlist / play count & social promotion competition I doubt you’ll be judged on your mastery of the app, so all of you who’ve been diligently learning the finer points of the flanger need not apply. Just bang a few tunes together and get your mates to click play a few thousand times.

There’s a video full of creatives here to inspire your curation of the perfect soundtrack – if a photographer & entrepreneur can DJ so can you, looks like a banging party… Get involved

Now wheres my camera & investment portfolio.