The Sunday Chill : Session Victim – Finderlohn

We covered the Session Victim boys ‘Two Man House Band’ EP last month and its still at the top of our must buy list… ‘Summer Games’ is a sure fire anthem in the making!

On the flip of the vinyl only release you’ll also find Finderlohn which is perfect for those laidback vibes and a perfect fit for our Sunday Chill feature. Grab a wax copy direct from Retreat now.

If you’re still hungry for more Session Victim here’s a recent recorded mix from them to get stuck into as well…

The Sunday Chill : Dos Palos – Lady Of The Westway (Ilija Rudman Higher Ground Mix)

Its been a while since we’ve listened to some new tunes from Croatian Ilija Rudman… Back when we first started the blog we loved his disco tinged work and even got him in to do a mix for us.
(SlothBoogie Guestmix #10 to be exact!)

Well we checked in again with him and there’s lots in the works including a new album called True Colours and this lovely rolling remix for Dos Palos which will go down a treat in the sun with that growling bassline.

Check his soundcloud for loads more stuff he’s been working on.

The Sunday Chill : Retiree – Heard You’re Doing Well

The laid back vibes on this one are strong!!!
Heard You’re Doing Well is the second single from Retiree’s THIS PLACE EP that’s due out end of june. It explores interesting progressions and instrumentation that bubble up around a melancholic organ ballad.
The Slo Mo track is capped off by Tori’s (vocalist) dad Paul Holleman contributing layered saxophone lines.

It’s the kind of tune that will either make you cry or smile on a hangover… Grab it on iTunes.

Its also been added to our ever growing The Sunday Chill Playlist… head over for lots more downtempo vibes.