Classixx – Grecian Summer (Official Video)

The Classixx crew are feeling those early summer vibes and this new tune called Grecian Summer is a hodge podge of sun soaked retro synths and dirtier basslines that roll in and out of the track amongst some 80s cut up vocal snippets. Something for full sunny terrace and pool parties for sure…

“Here’s a video made by our friend Steve Smith for a new song called Grecian Summer.” – Classixx

Julio Bashmore – Let Me Be Your Weakness feat. Bixby (Official Video)

Julio Bashmore’s got a pretty weird new video for Let Me Be Your Weakness feat. Bixby that was on his Knockin’ Boots album.

Director DANIEL BRERETON explains… 

“The idea for the video came about from the songs title “Let Me Be Your Weakness”, I thought it would be interesting to make a video about peoples weaknesses. The strange things people do to escape from the dullness of day to day life. So I pitched it to Bashmore that we would find hobbyists and obsessives that partake in weird and wonderful past times. Matt was into it, so we then went about searching for a wide range of activities, from crab museums to the largest collection of milk bottles in the UK. Honestly, the search was very difficult for the producers, most of the time the weirder stuff that people were into they didn’t really want to shout about, as they often thought they could be exploited or ridiculed. But my idea was always to celebrate the eccentricities of people. I think we ended up with a really good bunch, including a viking, a furry, poodles, Irish dancers and cosplayers.”

The weirdness continues on his new interactive site… Investigate the strange Angry Birds alternative using bits of fried chicken… :/

Dusky – Live : Village Underground

London’s Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell aka Dusky have announced the debut of their new electronic live show that will be touching down at Village Underground on 16th April. 

There’s a teeny weeny little teaser of some new sounds in the video below and we can’t wait to see what’s in store as the guys are working on that second album and loads of new BANGORS!

Sign up for pre-sale here :

“Over the past few years, our releases have focussed very heavily on the various club-ready strains of our sound in tandem with our DJ sets. But as artists, we’re constantly exploring the outer edges of what Dusky represents and taking influence from our wider tastes and musical histories. Not all of the music we’ve been making necessarily fits into our standard DJ sets, but all of it has a deep connection with electronic music and the dancefloor culture that surrounds it, which is what led us to conceive our live show. The soundtrack to the promo video is a taste of some of the broader soundworlds that make up the show, but we’ve also been working on live versions of the music we’ve released to date.” – Nick and Alfie, Dusky


Francis Inferno Orchestra – Where Will You Be Spending Eternity?

where-will-you-be-spending-eternity-12Following his debut LP in 2014, FIO arrived back on the scene last month with Where Will You Be Spending Eternity? released on his very own Superconscious RecordsIt’s a mixed bag of flavours from the ravy Kamakama to the mellow dreaminess of Kalamari Desert. Harmony is our pick of the bunch with it’s luscious strings that ebb and flow in orchestral fashion throughout the piece, coupled with FIO’s signature dusty drums.

We love the lo-fi artwork featuring the man himself with a carefully positioned needle hole (for all you 12″ fans).

Cop it like it’s hot..