Our City guide series continues, and this time we’re joined by the beautiful mind of Julian Leclercq, the label manager behind Belgium’s Play Label Records. If you like your house music with an extra serving of Haus, then look no further than their second compilation, LA PARENTHÈSE HOUSE #2. Featuring tracks from Interstate, Folamour, Siler, Flabaire and Yooj there’s something in there for everyone…. Bangor of a record.

Julian has kindly given us an insight into his home town of Brussels, and he’s got a fine list of top insider tips. Read on with a glass of Trappist beer for a complete immersive experience.

Club | Fuse Brussels

The Fuse is a real institution in the city and is considered as the temple of techno. Its was opened in the mid-’90s and has become an important fixture of the Marolles district. You go there for the music, and that is the way it has always been at Fuse. It’s quite simple, every great artists related to Electronic Music these past 25 years has played there.

Tip: If by any chance you succeed to sneak up in the backstage you’ll be blown away by Fuse’s wall of fame ;).

Vinyl Shopping | Doctor Vinyl and Crevette Records

We have several Vinyl shops in Brussels, but when we’re talking of electronic music, two of them come out on top.

Doctor Vinyl is without any doubt the legendary Record Store of Brussels, any self respecting Djs of the capital has already passed by the shop. From Techno through Chicago House to old school Electro, You’ll find everything you’re looking for at Dr Vinyl. Most of all, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet Geert Semon, the owner of the place who’ll advise you wisely and will hopefully tell you a story about the vinyl you’re buying ;)

Crevette Records has opened only one year ago but it’s already a key player in Brussels. The shop is ran by young passionate people who make their selections with care. You’ll find a great range of Disco, House and Minimal cuts.

Music, Sun and drinks I Play Label Rooftop

I’m not being very objective here but the Play Label Rooftop is for me the best place to have a drink and hang out with friends, enjoy sunset and of course listen to great music & discover local artists.
In two words the perfect place to celebrate summer with a fresh drink while listening to great Djs in Brussels :)

Tip: There are no regular opening days but you can check out the Facebook page for updated information or download the Play Label Rooftop App (iOS) that will allow you to check the opening days in real time.

Food I Cocina Flagey

Great place to eat a good pizza made with fresh and tasty products! While they’re preparing your pizza with love you can chill outside and enjoy a good cocktail on the sidewalk. Great atmosphere and good food near Flagey :)

Hang Out part 1 I Le Marché aux Puces – Marolles

Le Marché aux Puces at Place du Jeu de Balle is located in the heart of the Marolles district and is certainly the most famous flea market in Brussels. It is a place you should definitely go to and you have no excuse, it’s open everyday from 6am to 2pm ;)
You can find old timey photos of completely random people, letters, post cards, dishes stamps, paintings..

Hang Out Part 2 I Place Flagey

Brussels is a small town so there comes time when there is nothing special to do. Well, Flagey is the place to be when there is nothing to do in Brussels. Perfect to hang out/ meet people or grab a beer with friends.
The place gets crowded as soon as the sun sets and the party keeps going all night long in one of the bars around.