Till von Sein dropped in for our Legends feature to take us through why he thinks Pharrell Williams is such a Legendary artist.

“There are a bunch of artists I’ve been a fan of and who shaped my sound since as long as I can think, but no one did like Pharrell.

He has been around for more than 20 years now, worked with such a wide range of artists and still manages to remain super fresh in whatever he does, whether its rapping, singing, design or what I admire him for the most – producing music for other artists. I mean, who would have thought that Justin Timberlake was actually a cool cat when we saw him as a member of NSync in his full denim look.

There have been times when I thought, man, not a single dope Skateboard P song in quite a while and the next moment we’d get 10 Anthems within a year. For the last 5 years or so, everybody and their mother was waiting on what kinda ugly sneaker Kanye is sporting next, but I’d still think – damn P, I could never wear that shit but you look fly as fuck.” – Till von Sein

Wreckx n Effect – Rump Shaker

Throwback to 1992, sweet lil 15, at my first Hip Hop Show. Tim Dog and Hi Jack, super hardcore, super aggressive. About a thousand 15-18 year old white kids going crazy. The best part was when the show was over and Hi Jack´s DJ Supreme dropped the Rump Shaker as an encore and the venue erupted. I’d never heard this tune before and had no clue what was going on. Had I heard it in a different situation I might have thought it was corny, but in a surrounding like this it blew my mind. Not only was it my first glance at rap shows and at how things go down in a club, I also got to witness a part of P´s career kick off.

Britney Spears – I’m a slave 4 U

I mean, does anybody really think BS is not straight up BS? How did he even manage to make me like a Britney song? And it’s not even one of those guilty pleasures. I bought the 12″ and hell yeah, I even played it in my sets. And I def wasn’t the only one liking it when I played it.

Pharrell – Frontin

This song will forever remind me of the only holiday I ever spent with my dad alone. The radio station we listened to while driving around Cape Town would play it over and over again. Hard to describe it now, 10 years later, but it had a deep impact on me. The minimal production is so on point, those strings, those changes…still one of my fave P beats.

N.E.R.D. – Run to the Sun

This album had a huge impact on me back then and there is a ton of joints I could have picked, but as the beach bum I am, I always run to the sun. – Nuff said. 

Kelis – Ghetto Children

Another match made in heaven.That typical The Neptunes sound, that feel good vibe, that’s the kinda music I can still enjoy almost 20 years after its release. 

Snoop Dogg – Drop it like it’s hot

Snoop and Skateboard P were a match made in heaven. There are all these collaboration albums out there of two great artists who I’d find dope individually and sure, there is a super cool joint track on them here and there. But if there was to be only one dream team I would really love to hear on a 60min ride together it would be these two. Pharrell knows perfectly what fits the Doggfather best. The beat is a beast! Those spray can sounds, the 80ies synth sounds…straight up masterpiece.

Frank Ocean – Sweat Life

Of course he just had to be part of Franks masterpiece and Sweat Life is THE outstanding joint on Channel Orange.

Pharrell Williams – Brand New

Oh man, now that’s the kinda jam I wanna hear in a club – like ALWAYS. That rhythm, that guitar, that Justin chorus…vibes baby! This tune must be the nightmare for all those kids dressed in all black lining up at Berghain on a sunny Sunday afternoon to avoid the beauty of daylight.

Yuna  – Live Your Life

You don’t know it? Listen to it! It’s such a beauty.

N.E.R.D. feat Rihanna – Lemon

And he can come back at the end of 2017, have a feature by one of the most overrated chicks in pop music history and kick major butt. Have you ever heard a better Riri?

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