#03 Tronik Youth

“The idea behind the mix is to showcase some of the tracks that were being played in the weird vacuum after disco died and before house began. These tracks were to define the sound that the dj’s in Chicago would use as the building blocks for what became house… many of the sounds and fx that these tunes have would be utilised in the tracks that went on to dominate dance music in the mid to late 80’s.
These tracks would inspire the Dj’s and producers of the Chicago area to start making their own music, replayed on cheap drum machines and keyboards, this would be the dawn of house. Frankie Knuckles even replayed the middle eight of Electra’s – Feel Good and used it as the basis of his track “Your Love”
Enjoy!” – Tronic Youth

1.Stop The Taxi by Lonzine Wright
2.I Need You Now by Sinnamon
3.The Key by Wuf Ticket
4.I’m Going To Go by Jago
5.MBO Theme by Klein & MBO
6.The Music Got Me by Visual
7.Feels Good by Electra
8.Come To Me by Gwendolyn
9.Thats The Game by Wet
10.Civil Defense by Alias
11.Slow Flight by Trophy
12.Girls Out On The Floor by Jesse Velez
13.Do You What You Wanna Do by The Cage Feat.Nona Hendryx
14.A Ist Wieder Da by Robert Görl
15.A Man Could Get Lost by Soft Cell
16.Fast Cars by SFX