Citizenn – BE

Laurence Blake has added an extra ‘n’ to his producer name to form Citizenn which also marks a forthcoming release on 2020Vision, ‘BE’.

BE is another trademark touch house belter that is softened eve so slightly thanks to the spell binding vocals of former Azari and III member SYF.
The full EP package will include some hefty remixes too… Hercules & Love Affair and Ralph Lawson both providing their own reimagining of the track.

“BE was put together over a number of months during a hectic touring schedule, Cedric (SYF) and I were messing around with some sounds and after a few hours we had the makings of the track. I wanted to do something a bit more emotive something that could be listened to at home and in the club. Andy (Hercules & Love Affair) coming on board for the remix was like a dream come true for me. I remember seeing them on the first UK tour and have been a fan ever since. Hope you enjoy this package as much as I enjoyed putting it together” – Citizenn.

Hackman – Carry On EP

Londoner Hackman has been popping up on a wide range of the UK’s coolest labels like Futureboogie, Greco Roman, Well Rounded and more… He’s now stepping up on 2020 Vision for a super melodic deep house burner called Carry On. Organ keys and pads lead the way into a whirring bassline and addictive vocal hook. The vibe reminds me of a more laidback Huxley – Box Clever which also came from the 2020 Vision stable…

Northern Sloths Podcast #3 – PBR Streetgang (2020 Vision)

For 6 months, we are presenting you with the very best of northern DJ talent in the Northern Sloths podcast series. Next in the series is 2020 Vision favourites and Leeds legends, PBR Streetgang. Tom Thorpe and Bonar Bradberry have been rocking dancefloors all around the world, and here, they will rock your bedroom/living room/afterparty/shed/dungeon/(you get the picture…)

Next in the series will be Leeds boy done-good/Madtech aficionado, Josh Butler

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