Tuccillo – Sabotage EP

Absolutely loving Tuccillo’s new Sabotage EP on 2020 Vision… Especially the title track which is a really lovely soft synthy and rimshot filled journey. The whole EP is more great work from the Ibiza based DJ and producer and you can grab it all on the 22nd October.

Homework – Confessing

The Homework boys are back again and they seem to be continuing on their top notch streak! This time they’re dropping a lovely soulful selection for 2020 Vision that will be out on the 3rd September.

PhOtOmachine – On U EP

2020 Midnight Visions is a label brought to you by 2020Vision with A&R by our mate Kazim Kazim Kazim. Making the debut release for the fledgeling offspring is London producer PhOtOmachine with the ‘On U EP’. The young Brixton native has only had one EP release to his name beforehand but you’d think he’d spent years vanquishing dusty old machines after hearing ‘On U’ with its clicky analogue vibes.
Also worth noting on the tracklist if Feelin’ which is a huge huge huge track in our opinion… its got big vocal vibes that get messed up with strong 90s house bumpy grooves and percussion.

The hwole thing is yours to right now as its out now on Juno.

PBR Streetgang – 2020Vision Ep

Big up the PBR Streetgang boys on their 2020 Vision EP… Two of the nicest guys in the game :)
This should surely be the icing on the cake to cap off what has been an amazing last few months for them but there is blatantly so much more to come from them so just sit back and enjoy their latest offering.
Grab it end of the month.