Its been a while since we featured Duff Disco but a recent new track that he posted to his soundcloud gives us the perfect excuse to give him a well deserved bump! Check out ‘Get Up’ below which is a lovely chilled chugger that suddenly develops a floaty synth and a deep bassline half way through. No clues as to if its getting released but let Duffers know what you think on the soundcloud.

Duff Disco – A Little More Love / You Shoulda Known : Duff Disco Originals Vol.1


Our mate Duffers has been making music for quite some time now… We first started voicing our opinions about music on the internets around the same time we discovered his sterling edits back in the mid naughties! The Join The Dots label man will be starting a new series of original tracks come the beginning of May and has these two housey deep numbers to start it all off on a vinyl tip.

House of Kolour Compilation

The House of Disco boys continue their compilation combinations and this time they’ve teamed up with US house label Kolour Recordings to bring you another batch of tasty new disco housey vibes. The list of featuring artists includes Fantastic Man, Ejeca, Medlar, Casino Times, Duff Disco and many more… Big Dave sent us the comp last week and its been on non stop ever since… Definitely check it out:

DIKSOF 008 – Super Sound Single Remixes

Those who’ve been following the DIKSO Super Sound Single series so far will know the quality disco that’s been reliably pumped out with each release. This time however the content takes a turn for the deep in this exclusively digital re-release of the fastest sold-out vinyl ever for Dikso. All the regulars are there… now get ready to be submerged!